Pizza delivery minigame

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Pizza delivery minigame illustration
Click on the matching pizza when you are under the floating pizza slice

Pizza delivery minigame is available once the location Tony’s Pizza is unlocked in the main story and after the road bike has been bought at Consum-R for $200. Later the player will gradually acquire new vehicles from Saga Dealership: a scooter, a small car, and a sports car.


Click on the pizzas off the counter in the pizzeria to begin the minigame. Deliver three different pizzas whose portions are displayed above certain houses along the route: when the main character’s head is overlapping the house door, click the matching pizza with the same toppings in the lower part of the screen. More expensive is the vehicle, faster is the screen scrolling, and higher is the reward.


Deliveries play an important part in the progression of the main story and cannot be bypassed. Income varies depending on the vehicle driven:

  • $50 per successfully delivered pizza with the bike.
  • $100 per successfully delivered pizza with the scooter.
  • $150 per successfully delivered pizza with the small car.
  • $200 per successfully delivered pizza with the sports car.