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"Cassie illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Baby blond
Eye color Blue
Morning Pool
Afternoon Pool

Cassie is the pool lifeguard.


Cassie is a young woman with baby‐blonde hair and green eyes. She presents perfect body lines and a pronounced suntan.

As required for her job, she wears a red‐and‐white two‐piece swimsuit that features a full‐cup top and a skimpy bottom. Her accessories are limited to aviator sunglasses and a blue whistle wrapped around her neck at all times.


Mature and reliable when it comes to handling her job.


Her pale blond hair is a heritage of her Scandinavian origins.


This character does not have a route yet.

Scene list
Changing Room
While the main character has to put on his swimsuit, all the changing rooms are already occupied.

Midnight Bathing

The main character finds a naked lifeguard in the pool at night!

First Aid Technique

The ban removed, the main character can now enjoy the pool... until Cassie saves him from drowning. She takes care of him with a new technique.