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Char cassie 02.png
Relatives None
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Day Pool
Night None


Cassie is a young woman with baby blonde hair and green eyes.

Her typical attire consist of mainly a lifeguard swimsuit, sun-glasses, and a whistle wrapped around her neck at all times.


Mature and reliable when it comes to handling her job.


Cassie is the lifeguard of the pool in the town and she does a good job at her job. Initially she bans the MC from the pool after he runs into too many of the females changing. She soon has to overturn this when the MC finds her swimming in the pool after hours a rule even she can't break. She also saves the MC from drowning when he pushes himself too far and ends up taking him to the the personal changing room for lifeguards where she has him spill the beans about still being a virgin and such. After hearing his story and noticing something while saving him she shows him a hole in the wall. This hole in the wall allows the MC to experience pleasure which he has no idea how but accepts it for what it is.


Pool Ban

For the event to happen, the player will have to buy a swimsuit. Upon arriving at the swimming pool, the player will have to dress into the dressing room and will be met with females changing into them. (Going into the dressing room, it's inevitable for the MC to get caught snooping on the women.) Getting caught twice, Cassie appears. Cassie bans the MC from the pool for there being reports of barging into the dressing rooms. Despite the ban, the MC comes up an idea to swim there at night.

Skinny Dipping Roundabout

Arriving at the pool at night, the MC finds there's another person in the pool. Without changing into his swimsuit, the MC jumps in and realizes that Cassie is there. Cassie is not happy to see the MC since no one is supposed to be at the pool at night. For his silence Cassie will unban the MC.

Swim or Suck

After the removal of the ban from Cassie, the player is now able to use the pool. Going into the pool for the first time, a scene will appear where the MC will have Cassie saving him from drowning after overexerting himself. During the CPR, the MC has an erection and Cassie has to cover it up. Cassie then takes the MC to the lifeguard room and explains to the MC that he shouldn't overexert himself. She will then start talking about the MC's boner and ask if he's still a virgin. After hearing his story, Cassie shows him a 'hole in the wall' and for him to stick his penis in for 'great pleasure'. The MC doesn't question Cassie for what it is and the MC will able to have a pleasant experience using that hole. (The player is now be able to have multiple of sex scenes with Cassie using the glory-hole in the lifeguard changing room.)