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Rebecca Hendicks
"Becca illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Copper
Eye color Green
Relatives Luigi (father)
Tina (mother)
Morning Basketball court
Afternoon Basketball court
Evening Beach (Sat‒Sun)

Rebecca Hendicks, commonly known as Becca, is a student at the main character’s school.


The redhead girl has shoulder‐length copper feathered hair and green eyes. Freckles embellish her face and chest.

She wears a purple short‐sleeve plunging‐neck shirt that highlights her bust, and blue jeans. Her only beauty accessory is silver earrings.


Becca’s arrogance is acknowledged both by her mother Tina and her friends Missy and Roxxy. She’s particularly cold with the main character and shows no interest in him. But she never misses an occasion to belittle him.


For the complete walkthrough, see Roxxy’s route.

She used to live in Brooklyn where her dad collaborated with Tony for the local mafia. Luigi’s violent death changed things, and mother and daughter followed their friends to settle in the quieter town of Summerville. They now live in the apartments, room 301.

Becca often hangs in the hallways and on the basketball court with her clique. Together, they are members of the college’s cheerleading squad. It will take a lot of effort for the main character to overcome Becca’s distrust.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Becca.
Quick overview
Show Me the Boobs
Captain Terry convinces Becca to show her appreciation for the main character.

Girls Gone Wild

As you progress in Roxxy’s route, the main character is invited to the beach to play Spin the bottle with the girls. The reward includes a solo sex scene with Becca in the changing room, or a foursome.