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Mayor Ronald Rump
"Rump illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Blue Green
Relatives Melonia (wife)
Iwanka (daughter)
Morning Hillside Mall (Sat–Sun)
Afternoon Hillside Mall (Sat–Sun)

Mayor Ronald Rump is the new and great mayor of Summerville. He is the husband of Melonia and the father of Iwanka.


Mayor Rump is a tall, older gentleman with pointed sandy hair. The particular shape of his hair is possibly due to an overly kempt hair piece, but this is simply speculation. His skin is tanned particularly orange with occasional peaks of his regular skin tone appearing around his eyes.

He wears a white collared shirt in a navy‐blue suit as well as an extensively long red tie. He has an American Summerville pin on his lapel, with the only other notable feature being his silver squared cufflinks.


Not too much is currently known about Mayor Rump’s personal attitude, feelings or opinions. He seemingly has a desire to improve the previously sad state of the Summerville mall and to Make Summerville Great Again.


He decided to put his talent at the service of this small town and he aspires to transform it starting with the mall. Rump has a daughter, Iwanka – she is super! Believe me, I know many daugthers – who helps him with his charitable trust. Rump estate is where Rump family is living; it’s the biggest and must luxurious house of Summerville, as they deserve it. Mayor Rump also possesses an undoubtable taste for art, as he made a copy of the painting representing Mrs. Smith naked.
Do not trust those who claim to have seen Mayor Rump in the shopping mall washroom. It’s fake!


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Quick overview
Nasty, Nasty Woman
Occasionally, when entering the mall bathroom during the weekdays, the main character encounters Mayor Rump in a lewd sexual act with an older celebrity.