Pizza‐making minigame

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Pizza‐making minigame illustration
Pick the tomato sauce and cheese first

Pizza‐making is an activity initially part of an event in the main story, but replayable later by talking to Maria in the restaurant kitchen. As its name suggests, the minigame is about the preparation of food for Tony’s Pizza by following recipes.


Select the toppings for the pizza in the order in which they are listed on‐screen and within the set time. The dish appears in the upper part of the screen and the ingredients in the lower part. The dough is garnished as you pick them and removed once ready. The first two additives are always the same, tomato sauce and cheese, but then vary depending on the recipe and time allotted.


Composing four pizzas is required to progress in the main story. The minigame starts all over again if a dish is missed; after three successive failures, an option to skip is proposed.

Once the main character has had sex with Maria, the minigame is increased to six pizza‐makings and the usual reward is enhanced by an up close and personal treat from the pizzaiolo’s wife.