Mr. Sato

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Mr. Sato
"Mr. Sato illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Josephine (daughter)
Morning Saga Dealership
Afternoon Saga Dealership
Evening Saga Dealership

Mr. Sato is the manager of Saga Dealership and the father of Josephine.


Mr. Sato is a Japanese American middle‐aged man with first visible wrinkles, and dark eyes. The hair covers much of his face: the beard is thick like the brown hair and eyebrows.

He is dressed in a white shirt and a Polynesian‐blue waistcoat in the name of his company, and black pants.


Saga Dealership is his pride and joy. He’s as businesslike as his daughter is not, which forces him to be bossy towards her. He blindly trusts his loyal second in command, Kim.


For the complete walkthrough, see Main story: Part 1.

Mr. Sato, eager to provide Josie with a better future, supervises her with hustlings but also fatherly care. He would so much like his daughter to follow Kim’s example, but he doesn’t question why the most valuable employee has such a good connection to the mayor. Jiang is the mechanic who works for him in the garage.