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Tina Hendicks
"Tina illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Relatives Luigi (husband)
Becca (daughter)
Morning Apartments
Afternoon Apartments
Evening Apartments

Tina Hendicks is the manager at Saga Financial, and the mother of Becca.


Tina is a middle‐aged woman with an hourglass figure that unavoidably catches the eye – which she readily tolerates. Her eyes are light blue and her bright red hair is teased in a beehive hairdo.

She’s wearing a charcoal‐grey suit and pants that reflect her position in business, while a black bodice enhances the outline. The ensemble comes with a pearl necklace and earrings. She uses a refined toilet with makeup and red nail polish.


She was married to Luigi, and she keeps the unconditional affection of his old comrade, Tony. She deals with Becca’s temperament, yet ensures that her daughter doesn’t lack anything.

Tina is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and always gets it in the end.


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Tina and Becca left Brooklyn and moved to Summerville alongside Tony and Maria when Luigi passed away. She’s Tony’s Pizza’s finest customer, with a preference for pear-prosciutto-gorgonzola pizza, and never says no to an extra sausage.

Mrs. Hendicks is account manager at the local bank, a position previously held by the father of the main character. The work secures sufficient income to afford an apartment on the last floor of Summerville’s high‐rise building. Her path is likely to cross that of the main character during his self‐investigation on Frank’s death.


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Quick overview
A Dish Best Served Hot
Tina plans a one‐night stand with her favorite delivery guy.