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  1. You wake up at home, in the main character’s bedroom. Meet Jenny in the hallway, then go down to find Debbie in the kitchen.
  2. The map is now unlocked: open it and click on Erik’s house to be teleported next to your best friend.
  3. The next step is the school where the joyful Mia has already arrived. Roxxy and her boyfriend Dexter, then Principal Smith, come to greet you in their own way.
  4. Go up the stairs to the 3rd floor to reach the principal’s office. Bad news, your grades are falling down!
  5. Back in the hall, Annie opens your locker, the one with “Dead dad” written on it… Take the card, it will appears in the red backpack (your inventory).
  6. Leave it and move to the left hallway then into the boys’ locker room. Who better than Judith to celebrate your first ever sexy scene? (The scene is now replayable in the cookie jar.)
  7. Coach Bridget is waiting in the courtyard, hurry up.
  8. Afterwards, comes Ms. Bissette’s turn in the French classroom. You also bump into Kevin, Ronda and Eve, three other classmates.
  9. Finally, you’re back at the front yard but a time of day later and with many new locations available.

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