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"Frank illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Main character (son)

Frank is the deceased father of the main character.


Rare old photos show him as a middle‐aged man wearing a mustache and with an obvious physical similarity with his son.


Family and friends meant a lot to Frank, and he always found time for them. He leaves behind him many memories that his loved ones like to remember.


Raising one child each on their own, Frank and Debbie naturally found affinities and started sharing a life of four with the main character and Jenny. The years that followed were happy and lighthearted until his sudden decease. The cause of death was listed as an accident, something that the main character deems suspicious. It’s soon revealed that Frank, through his work at Saga Financial bank, owed a sizable amount of money to the Russian mafia. The debt is large enough for henchmen to turn violently on Debbie and his son.

The main character makes his primary mission to uncover what really had happened to his dad.