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Char dad.png
Relatives MC (son)
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Day Grave
Night Grave


The description of the MC's father is not mentioned. However, based on some photographs located on certain computer files, it is noticeable that MC resembles him somewhat.


Not too much is currently known about the MC's Father's personal attitude, feelings or opinions. However, one trait of his personality might've been an addictive personality related to gambling. It is noted in the game that he owed a sizable amount of money to several people before his death. The money must have been large enough to force large imposing men to Debbie's residence to demand that she pay for his debts.


The MC's father's story begins with his funeral in the opening scene. His cause of death was listed as a work related accident. The MC found it rather suspicious that something like this could happen out of the blue. The player made it one of his primary missions before the college semester was over to find out what really had happened to his dad.