Cocktail minigame

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Cocktail minigame illustration
The drink is randomly picked out of three possible choices

Diane’s route features a short drink minigame in which the player must create the random cocktail that Diane requested to the main character. This minigame cannot be replayed.


Tap ou click on the items to choose the ingredients for Diane’s drink. The note hanging above her kitchen counter details the three desired ones to mix for each beverage:

Cocktail asked Ingredients to use
Cocktail minigame Margarita.png
Yellow bottle Cocktail minigame Yellow bottle.png + Lime Cocktail minigame Lime.png + Ice Cocktail minigame Ice.png
Cocktail minigame Martini.png
White bottle Cocktail minigame White bottle.png + Lemon twist Cocktail minigame Lemon twist.png + Olive Cocktail minigame Olive.png
Piña colada
Cocktail minigame Piña colada.png
Brown bottle Cocktail minigame Brown bottle.png + Pineapple Cocktail minigame Pineapple.png + Coconut Cocktail minigame Coconut.png

Once the shaker is full, shake it until the popup with the drink appears. Then report to Diane in the garden to end the quest.


Making the correct drink lets the player progress in Diane’s route. If the cocktail doesn’t match the one specified, the lady will demand a new one.