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"Ivy illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Green
Morning Pink, Pool
Afternoon Pink, Pool
Evening Pink

Ivy runs Pink’s counter in Hillside Mall.


She is an attractive young woman with auburn hair and green eyes.

Her style is deceptively casual with a tight green bustier and a short purple skirt.


We don’t know if it’s her professionalism that motivates her to test them all, but Ivy’s detailed knowledge makes her the best expert about Pink's products and services. She seems to really enjoy her work and satisfying her customers.


This character does not have a route yet.

Ivy is an employee at Pink, an adult store and more set up on the mall's second floor. In addition to the varied and usual products that can be purchased there, she offers her clients a personalized massage service at an affordable price.

Ivy is also one of six ladies that will appear in the pool changing rooms in the mornings and afternoons. So far she is the only one to have an additional story of the six. She is also one of only two of the changing room ladies that suggests you should have bought them a drink before seeing them naked, the other being Olivia. Apparently, she doesn't recognize one of her "biggest" customers outside of the shop.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Ivy.
Quick overview
Customer Service
Ivy welcomes the main character with a brochure detailing various sexual activities she can provide for a price. Make your choice!

Pool Party

At the pool, the main character accidentally walks into the changing room she’s in.