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"Veronica illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Blue
Morning Consum-R
Afternoon Consum-R

Veronica is the customer agent at Consum-R.


She is a small woman with brown hair in bobbed haircut. His eyes are green and a few freckles mark her face.

Her sales outfit consists of a green vest covering a blue, collared short‐sleeved blouse. A classic black pants completes the set. Outside of work, she likes to wear a green dress that enhances her modest chest.


Veronica is reserved, but she is always available to customers. As Diane’s close friend, she appears more open with her.


She grew up on a farm, which explains her knowledge of animals and gardening. Veronica moved from country a few years ago and Diane was the first to welcome her in town. She has been working at Consum-R for five years, but she shows no enthusiasm for her position. She also seems to have a relationship with Ivy and may sometimes be met in her store.


This character does not have a route yet.