Lucy's Lil' Ones Daycare

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Daycare/Annie’s House
"Lucy's Lil' Ones Daycare illustration"
Type House
People Annie, Lucy, Richard

Annie’s house is the home of Annie, Lucy, and Richard. It is also the site of Lucy's business, the local daycare center.


Annie lives with both her parents in a modest but lovely one-story house. Her father Richard is a carpenter and builder. The home was recently expanded to accommodate a childcare center operated by her mother and called Lucy’s Lil’ Ones. The garden has been sacrificed to become a playground for these little ones.

Advertisement for the Daycare found in every room of the Hospital maternity ward



  • The location is unlocked:
  • It can be visited in Diane’s route.
  • By checking the whiteboard on the daycare wall you can get an accurate count of the number of children enrolled.
Quick overview
Just How Many?
The MC will break the fourth wall with you when you read the whiteboard to express his concerns over the number of children you are asking him to have. His comments will grow progressively more concerned and irritated with the increase in the number of his children that have been enrolled.

Naughty Boy

If you ask Lucy how your "Rugrats" are doing she will give you an update. Apparently, your son Jacob (mother not identified) is a bit of a hand full.