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"Lucy illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium blond
Eye color Brown
Relatives Richard (husband)
Annie (daughter)
Morning Annie’s house
Afternoon Annie’s house
Evening Annie’s house

Lucy is the manager of the daycare. She is the wife of Richard and the mother of Annie.


Lucy is a mature woman with long dirty‐blonde ponytail and brown eyes.

Her usual outfit is a V‐neck cobbler apron with a floral motif that she wears over a light‐green blouse with mid‐sleeves, blue capri pants, and white shoes. Her hair is tied up with a purple bow and another scrunchie. A pin representing the logo of her childcare is hung on the overgarment.


Lucy is a nurturing woman who loves children so much that she manages a daycare at her home. She has a positive temperament and she always keeps a smile on her face, which contrasts with Richard’s usual grumpiness.

She is light‐headed and comes across as a bit ditsy, which exasperates both her husband and daughter.


This character does not have a route yet.

The family lives in a small house of which a part has been converted into a childcare center. This project is important to Lucy, but it doesn’t improve the household’s finances, much to her husband’s great displeasure. It’s by providing milk and help that the main character will get to know her better.

Advertisement for the Daycare found in every room of the Hospital maternity ward