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Numerous easter eggs to books, movies, and games are one of the staples of Summertime Saga. These are cases where something or someone from the real world is included in the game itself for a funny intention. Raffles and user contributions during DarkCookie’s streams are compiled on another article to ease the readability.


DarkCookie working on Mr. Bubbles character

Many characters are drawn from real or fictional people. The game’s community is the main source of inspiration.

From celebrities

Bob Ross inspired Ms. Ross character
  • Tatiana Badiu: Tatiana is based on the streamer PureRuby87, with her permission. The character has been replaced by Lily.
  • Roxanne Clifford: The indie‐pop band singer is the model behind the character of Veronica.
  • Hillary Clinton: The politician gets into an unexpected situation with the mayor in the mall public toilets.
  • Christina Hendricks: Tina is visually similar in all respects to the American actress and model.
  • Jay and Silent Bob: Two anonymous persons who appear in the background of the mall front yard.
  • Kim Jong-un: The Supreme Leader of North Korea served as a model for the dealership salesman, Kim.
  • Samantha Manson: A cartoon character was chosen for the role of Odette and extensively reworked to become a “busty goth girl”.
  • Ricardo Milos: This celebrity was selected to be Ricky, the landscaper character working at the Rump estate.
  • Gordon Ramsay: He gets a position in the Rump estate as master chef.
  • Keanu Reeves: The actor became the new priest of Summerville had a crush on him during a raffle.
  • Bob Ross: The art teacher, Ms. Ross, looks like the TV presenter, art instructor, and painter who is famous for his very laid back and positive attitude.
  • Roz: The lovely desk receptionist in the hospital is a human adaptation of Roz from the Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc.
  • Donald, Melania and Ivanka Trump: At the suggestion of the players, Ronald Rump was drawn like the 45th President of the United States. The mayor’s wife and daughter are portrayed as the first family’s members. His campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” has been adapted for Summerville.
  • Reginald VelJohnson: Earl ‒ This character is the carbon copy of the actor who is best known for playing police officers.

From the game team

  • CaptainSploosh: Admiral Sploosh takes the name of the writer of the game.
  • CreamyCookie: Pussywillow is the main character’s lovely pet, and a dedication to the human resources manager.
  • Dogeek: The former coder for Kompas Productions gave his name to Clyde’s pet.
  • Sam9: The name of the developer is credited as a subscriber of Jenny’s camshows who’s particularly fond of butt action.

From fans

  • Amens: Captain Terry
  • Cedric: Cedric
  • Emerald: A previous patient from the hospital.
  • jabzap: Thug
  • KassyKage: Kassy
  • Konterina: Konterina. She is an active member of the streaming chat who suddenly disappeared for a long time. Chat and DarkCookie wondered if she would return and a missing person poster was added to the police station. She did come back. Konterina is also known for greeting everyone in chat very quickly, like a bot. So the robot in Ms. Otika’s office was named after her. Beep Boop!
  • Micoe: Micoe
  • Morbooze: Unnamed character sitting in the camping chair during the party in Eve’s route.
  • Noce: Jiang
  • Pilly: Pilly. This user made an agreement: he would stop smoking if his character was in the game. DarkCookie did the job. Your turn Pilly!
  • prizedhog: Karl
  • Purt: Josephine
  • RavenClaw262: Anna
  • rubAduckee: Justin
  • SatUrnPrincess: Nadya
  • TheTittyShit: Titty
  • Tuuku: Tuuku
  • ZanaSenpai: Mr. Bubbles

Books and magazines

The library has some interesting books

Book and magazine titles are often used as jokes in Summertime Saga:

  • Fifty Shades of Grey: The book 50 Shades of Green, found inside Erik’s locker, is a parody of the erotic book.
  • Kama Sutra: The library book Yoga Kamasutra uses the title of the ancient Indian text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life.
  • Moby-Dick: The book Moby’s Dick is stored inside Mia’s locker in the school.
  • Necronomicon: The grimoire appearing in stories by the horror writer H. P. Lovecraft and his followers. But also in the principal’s cabinet!
  • Sports Illustrated: Orcettes Illustrated, still in Erik’s locker, evokes the sport magazine.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Girl With A Jesus Tattoo is in Mia's locker.
  • The Godfather: When Tony, the Italian character, “makes an offer [the main character] can’t refuse”, he uses the famous words of the Mafia godfather from the crime novel. A line also included in the film adaptations.
  • The Shining: The word MURDER spelled backward in one of the apartments' hallways corresponds to the vision described in the book.

Fictional books:

  • Basic renpy coding vol 22: Ren’Py is the software engine used to make the game.
  • Magic Telescopes: The title confirms the supernatural power of the telescope to provide an unobstructed view of all neighboring houses.
  • Oedipuss: The book is hidden under Erik’s bed. The myth of Oedipus exists and has given its name to the “Oedipus Complex”, itself defined as a male child’s unconscious desire for the exclusive love of his mother. This is related to the close relationship between Erik and his landlady.
  • Secret VIP Stream… truth or myth?: Another mention about this stream is on the info board at the police station. Legend has it that there is a VIP stream where DarkCookie streams spoiler content only wearing a horse head.
  • Soon™: The direct answer to the players who lament about when the next update will be released.

Posters and paintings

Yurup map
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: It’s located at Coach Bridget’s office on the left side of the back wall, reproducing the iconic photograph of the actor holding a glass of cognac.
  • Albert Einstein: In Ms. Otika’s office, on the back wall hangs the famous picture of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out.
  • Backstreet Boys: A poster of the Backdoor Boyz is taped inside Roxxy’s locker.
  • Hang in there, Baby: The best-selling poster is turned into a demotivational one that can be found in the car dealership’s lounge.
  • Human Evolution: Found in the science teacher’s office on the right side, it shows how man evolved from apes, with DarkCookie’s interpretation of how our species might evolve in the future.
  • Map of Europe: In the French classroom is the mostly accurate map of “Yurup” displayed.
  • Marilyn Monroe: When looking into Mia’s bedroom through the telescope, a poster with Marilyn Monroe is seen on the wall.
  • Mona Lisa: The masterpiece from Leonardo da Vinci is displayed in Ms. Bissette’s office, and a variant with pizza can be found in Tony and Maria's apartment.
  • The Great Wave off Kanagawa: The painting in the bedroom of the beachhouse is a copy of Hokusai’s artwork.
  • Vitruvian Man: The picture within the stats tracker imitates the cultural icon of the Italian renaissance.

Games and video games

When players talk to players, it has to be about games!

Did you know? You can play Summertime Saga inside Summertime Saga!
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: During the movie screening with Jenny, a grave marked with an F appears. A reminder of the action prompt “Press F to Pay Respects” from the first-person shooter.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: In Erik’s locker, the Dungeon’N Orcettes figures are a parody of the fantasy role‐playing game.
  • Fallout 3: On the main character’s computer, in the recycle bin, is a shortcut to Failout 3.
  • Guitar Hero: Eve is seen playing Guitar Hero in the evening in her bedroom. A fake plastic guitar is laying on the ground.
  • Half-Life 3: On the main character’s computer, in the recycle bin, is a shortcut to Never-Life 3, a pun on the name of the video game that has been long-awaited for years.
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Also in the computer recycle bin, is a shortcut to Leisure Suit Harold, which references the adult video game series.
  • Magic: The Gathering: Erik collects cards of Magic the Fappening. Four trading cards can be found in Summertime Saga, each one with a colorful name.
  • Mario: Tony once mentions his Italian friend, Luigi, killed by a turtle and doing some shrooms too; an anecdote befitting the video game’s heroes. When the main character and Tony storm the bank, they don Mario and Luigi's signature red and green hats.
  • Mass Effect: K.O.N.T.E.R.I.N.A. asks MC - "Does this unit have soul?", what is based on Legion from ME.
  • Monkey Island: The expression about “a three-headed monkey” used to distract the dealership boss is a regular catchphrase from the Monkey Island series.
  • Monopoly: Rich Uncle Pennybags is sitting on a bench in front of Saga Financial.
  • Nintendo: In order to stay in line with the game’s mood, the name of the Japanese console manufacturer has been changed to Sintendo.
  • Portal: Inside the girls’ locker room is written “The Trap is a Lie!”, which uses the popular idiom “The Cake is a Lie!” from the Portal series.
  • Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat: Street Kombat is a mix between both games. We readily recognize the names of playable fighters: Balrog and Honda.
  • Summertime Saga: On the main character’s or Jenny’s computer, the video game Summertime Saga can be played. However, it crashes, reproducing a frequent feature of the real game during the first releases - when the code was done by DarkCookie. The logo of Summertime Saga can be found as a sticker on the main character’s locker at school.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: “I took an arrow in the knee”, delivered by Erik, is a memorable quote from this role‐playing video game.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Who else but June could draw an inverted Triforce on her most intimate body part?
  • Warcraft: The franchise of video games, novels and films sees its name distorted in Whorecraft.
  • World of Warcraft: Erik, Justin and Karl are avid players of World of Orcette whose name is derived from the massively multiplayer online game. And the saying “For the Whored!” imitates the scream “For the Horde!” from the same game.

Websites and apps

The names of the software are an excuse to try out some more or less elaborate puns.

  • 4chan: When entering the computer room on the school 2nd floor, June’s monitor displays the home page of the 4chan website.
  • eBay: The trading site eGay is pinned on the main character’s computer screen.
  • Instagram: Sluttygram is the fictional version of the photo and video‐sharing social networking service.
  • Internet Explorer: The web browser developed by Microsoft is renamed Internet Sexplorer.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus: Jenny’s email is well‐protected from malware thanks to Gaspersight Anti-Virus.
  • Microsoft Notepad: The simple text editor from Microsoft has been named Nopepad in the game.
  • Outlook Express: The webmail becomes Outlood Express in Summertime Saga.
  • YouTube: Josephine can’t get enough of watching videos shared on Gootube.

Movies, TV series and shows

The development team takes delight in embedding their favorite video programs.

  • Adventure Time: Blink or you'll miss it. The iconic waving Snail in front of the Saga Dealership shop.
Waving Snail
  • American Pie: The very personal practice of the flute by Judith calls to mind a funny sequence from the film.
  • Attack on Titan: The main character dislikes Attack on Colossus, an opinion shared by DarkCookie for the anime.
  • Breaking Bad: When the main character has to meet a drug dealer in Roxxy’s route, he opts for the disguise of Walter White/Heisenberg. This character was a crystal meth maker and the most‐wanted criminal during the 5 seasons of the TV series.
  • Captain America: If you liked Captain America, you’ll love Sergeant Somalia, Summertime Saga’s version of the superhero from the Marvel Universe. The film, screened in the CineSaga Theater, is indeed dedicated to a sexy Somalian guy who can only be DarkCookie!
  • Caveman: The Orcette item’s description is summed up as “Zug Zug” which is the expression from the movie Caveman for mating. It has been since adopted in several video games featuring orcs.
  • CNN News: The news channel on the TV in the living room of the main character’s house is called SNN News, a reference to the American news channel. CNN is also referenced on the politics channel.
  • CSI: Miami: The way Harold puts on his Aviator’s sunglasses while delivering a one‐liner, copies a popular meme from the police procedural starring David Caruso.
  • Dirty Harry: The movie theater in the mall and the bus stop outside both have a promotional poster for Dirty Harold. Cupid sells a blow-up doll based upon the Dirty Harold character.
  • Finding Nemo: All it takes is a clownfish in Saga Dealership’s water dispenser to make it look like a Disney movie.
  • Friends: While they’re watching it on television together, the main character and Jenny have a little chit‐chat about the series called Pals. The depiction of a group of friends living in Manhattan, and the names of the characters – Matt and Courtney – make the reference to the original Friends series more than obvious. If necessary, the plot of the episode is reminiscent of the one called “The One With All The Thanksgivings”.
  • Home Improvement: Richard's line of dialogue when leaving the conversation in the evening references the show-within-a-show, Tool Time, from Home Improvement.
  • Inception: This achievement, granted for playing Summertime Saga on the main character’s or Jenny’s computer, is a clear reference to the movie, famous for its several layers of stories within a story.
  • It: When the main character is introduced to Sugar Tats members, he interrupts an important discussion about the horror movies. Tuuku claims that the evil clown is the most frightening thing. The title character is also visible on posters in the recovery rooms of the hospital.
  • It Follows: In the same conversation, Grace recounts the story of a curse transmitted through sex. This is the scenario of the independent film It Follows.
  • Keanu Reeves filmography: Speed and John Wick are just a few of the many movies that the priest seems to have experienced.
  • Kill Bill: Volume 1: The katana signed by Hattori Hanzō and exhibited in Mr. Sato’s office matches the one used by the protagonist of the movie to chop heads off.
  • Pitch Perfect 2: Another promotional poster announcing the movie Bitch Perfect 2 pastiches the real movie.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Golden Compas (that could lead you to your heart's desire, as Terry said) based on Compass that belonged to Jack The Sparrow. Sorry, Captain! Jack The sparrow.
Pickle Rick
  • Pulp Fiction and The Terminator: Both original posters of the movies are displayed on the wall of CineSaga box office.
  • Punisher: Looks like Frank Castle put on some weight...seen outside Planet Thiccness
  • Rick and Morty: The close‐up on the bed in Diane’s bedroom displays the fictional character Pickle Rick in the blurred background. Also, the school public announcement mentions the plate number “637 5chw1f7y”, echoing the name of the song “Get Schwifty”.
  • Rocky: The Russians pay homage to Rocky's nemesis with a banner in the warehouse.
  • Scrubs: “Boy, boy, boy, very tall boy.” repeated by the main character is advice whose origin comes from the series.
  • Scarface: “Say hello to my little friend.” Chico says at the moment he uses his water gun. Also, we hear Tony shouts it, when he tells about troubles he got himself into. But maybe he had embellished it with catch-line he heard from TV, who knows.
  • Seinfeld: The line of brassieres for men invented by Odette’s father and called “Bros”, is a spin‐off idea from the episode “The Doorman”.
  • Snatch: Eddie “Four-Fingers”, Tony’s old contact, is a tribute to Snatch’s character Franky “Four-Fingers” - gambler and a mobster, who lost his finger because of bad luck in gambling.
  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace: Cupid sells a sex toy called DarthMoan, an allusion to the sith lord Darth Maul and his double‐bladed lightsaber. Tony also references Obi-Wan Kenobi during one of his conversations with Maria and the main character.
  • Superbad: During Roxxy's storyline, getting the bottle of Goldschwagger is a direct reference to Michael Cera's character getting a bottle of Goldslick, another fictional version of the actual liqueur Goldschlager, to bring to a party to give to Becca. It would seem that the name carried over to the in-game character, but the likeness of the actress who portrayed Becca in Superbad, Martha MacIsaac, may have been assigned to Missy.
  • The Apprentice: Melonia’s dismissal of her cleaning lady mirrors, without coincidence, the gimmick from the reality TV program.
  • The Breakfast Club: The school detention of the main character, Eve and Roxxy, and under Annie’s supervision, reenacts a scene from the movie.
The One Ring
  • The Lord of the Rings: The One Ring is safely kept in the Saga Financial's Vault from the ever-watchful flaming Eye of Sauron.
  • The Mandalorian: The child who looks like Yoda is carried in a pram along the Glazie’s walkway.
  • The Matrix: “Call me Neo!” the main character asks Ms. Okita as he is experiencing virtual reality.
  • The Silence of the Lambs: Mrs. Smith’s house basement is fitted with a replica of the psycho killer’s well, next to which is placed the bucket with a bottle of lotion in it.
  • The Simpsons: A character strangely resembling Homer Simpson can be spotted coming out of the donut shop in the evening. The name of the DOH-nuts box echoes his “D’oh!” exclamation.
  • Titanic: A painting in Rump’s master bedroom shows Melonia posing with only a heart‐shaped jewel as an accessory; an evocation of Kate Winslet’s one in the movie Titanic.
  • Tommy Boy: Clyde says he was checking the specs on a endline... When he was.. checking the specs.
  • Top Gun: When Tony walks down memory lane he met Luigi for first time, he repeats parts of dialogue between Maverick and Iceman.
  • True Blood: Odette, an unconditional fan of vampires, bought the entire False Blood series.


  • El Chico del Apartamento 512: Consuela sings this song, while cleaning up a kitchen in beachhouse.
  • If I Had a Hammer: The description of Richard’s hammer is borrowed from the lyrics.
  • Kung Fu Fighting: DarkCookie being a lover of this disco single, to the point of inflicting it daily on his stream viewers, it was predictable that this martial art would be mentioned in the game, as when Jenny and the main character watch TV.

Food and drink

  • Goldschläger: The idea for the GoldSchwagger vodka - a much appreciated, but also very expensive drink - originates from Goldschläger; this alcohol does have gold flakes in it.
  • McDonald’s: In Mayor Rump’s bedroom lies a burger box with the fast food company’s colors.
  • Mountain Dew: In Judith’s locker is an obvious reference to the soft drink.
  • Stolichnaya: Nadya's new enterprise seems to have taken some inspiration from the bottom shelf.
  • Tayto Crisps: Also in Dexter’s locker, a bag of Gayto brand chips can be found with a deliberate misspelling.
  • The apple in the microwave: DarkCookie once explained that he didn’t like cold apples and used the microwave to warm them up. A lot of jokes were made on how silly this habit is, and soon an apple in a microwave was added in the teachers’ lounge at school.


The names of brands and objects are often distorted in the game but remain easily recognizable.

  • 911: 911 is the house number of Summerville’s police station, and the emergency number in America.
  • 69-position: Several items in the game display the number 69: the house number of the beachhouse, the channel on Annie’s walkie-talkie, and the main character’s jersey. All are a reference to the famous sexual position.
  • Armani, Gucci and Hugo Boss: These three luxury fashion houses are renamed respectively Barmani, Coochie and Huge-Go Boss according to the mayor’s daughter.
  • Eminem and Pitbull: Eminem and Mr. Worlwide are achievements titles, and also the respective stagename and nickname of the two rappers.
  • Illuminati: The Eye of Providence is graffed upon the garage door of Sugar Tats.
  • R. Kelly: The American singer is mentioned under the fake name of R. Smelly.
  • Jennifer Lopez: The “J-Lo” car with a wide trunk is a dubious joke about the singer.
  • Norash: The cabinet inside the hospital storage room stocks a tube of this diaper cream.
  • Nyan Cat: A cloth inside Eve’s room hanging from the wall features the internet meme.
  • Olympic Games: The Olympic Games logo is taped inside Ronda's locker.
  • Panasonic: The TV in the home living room has the brand Vagasonic.
  • Pepe the Frog: Still in the girls’ locker room is a drawing of Pepe the Frog, who originally hailed from a webcomic series before turning into an internet meme. Pepe can also be found as a painting in Ms. Bissette’s office.
  • Santa Claus: Santa Claus can be witnessed in his sled with his reindeer whilst looking at the town map during Christmas time.
  • Siren: The number plate of the ambulance at the entrance to the hospital has the words wee woo on it, a reference to the sound an ambulance makes.
  • Tesla Cybertruck: What could be more natural than finding Tesla’s new vehicle in the dealership workshop. The artist went so far as to reproduce the broken glass.
  • The 2016 Chicago Cubs Season: On the left wall in Erik’s basement hangs a shirt similar to the uniform of the Chicago Cubs. This item is an homage for the baseball team to finally end the so‐called Curse of the Billy Goat, and the longest World Series championship drought in history.
  • The trap: A poster and a book both titled It’s a trap! can be discovered in‐game. They are an inside joke about the presence in Summertime Saga of a trap character – a male character depicted as a female. This rumor is a recurring subject within the community.
  • Vaseline: A jar of Vagaline can be found inside the hospital pharmacy.