Mr. Bubbles

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Mr. Bubbles
"Mr. Bubbles illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Brown
Morning CineSaga Theater
Afternoon CineSaga Theater


Mr. Bubbles has a round, full body shape, that is only belied by square‐framed glasses on his plump face. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

He is most often seen in his formal two‐piece suit which comprises an imperial‐red waistcoat worn over a blueish T‐shirt, and black trousers. A nametag is attached to the vest.


Behind his jovial appearance, Mr. Bubbles is a somewhat creepy character; he has an obsessive interest for Jenny that goes so far as to follow her. Not brave in the least, he runs away pretty quickly.


He's currently working in the CineSaga movie theater located at Hillside Mall. Probably Jenny's biggest fan and most loyal subscriber on social networks, Mr. Bubbles is desperate to get an autograph from her. The meeting with his idol may not go as well as he had dreamed.