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"Konterina illustration"
Gender Female
Eye color Dark blue
Morning School
Afternoon School
Evening School

Konterina is a robot belonging to the science teacher, Ms. Okita.


There is robot, and cute robot. Konterina is in the second category. Small in size and easily transportable, she has a screen instead of a face that displays her current mood. Standing on legs, she also has two little arms that allow users to hug her. Finally, two large ears are mounted on his head and whose function remains a mystery. She is colored in purple and white. A letter K inside a black heart is featured on the front of the device and serves as an on/off switch.


Konterina is sometimes lacking in tact even if she is programmed to address humans politely. This does not affect her dedication and humor.


Kinetic Operating Network Terminal with Emotional Real‐Time Interface and Navigation Array, later renamed K‐bot by the main character, K.O.N.T.E.R.I.N.A can be found in Ms. Okita’s office, on the school second floor.

She was created to assist lesser beings, but her only known functionality is to play over 13,000 Latin Pop titles. BEEP BOOP!