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"Lily illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Grey
Morning Cosmic Cumics
Afternoon Cosmic Cumics
Evening Cosmic Cumics

Lily is the owner of Cosmic Cumics in Hillside Mall. She and Kassy live in room 104 of the apartments.


She is a luscious grey‐eyed, platinum blonde. Her shag haircut, carefully executed, grades into blueish on the tips, and embeds small braids on both sides.

Lily conveys her passion for cosplay with her work clothes, and thus displays the appearance of an elf, with fake long ears; a green tank top with golden stitching that fits her shapely breast; and a tight chocolate‐colored pant. She has no shortage of accessories and wears a leather strap on a forearm, a leather belt with a round buckle, and a gold arm ring. To complete the look, she carries a floral crown with a blue pendant, and a full quiver.


Lily is lively. She has plenty of ideas to attract customers, such as signing sessions with Pink Cyclone. She also likes to wear sexy outfits but has sometimes a hard time fitting into them because of her curves.


This character does not have a route yet.

She opened an electronic games and collectibles retail shop recently in the mall. When Lily doesn’t run her business, she posts video games streams on her online YT channel, under the name of VirginLily69. She also has a cosplay project in which her friends Kassy and Mr. Bubbles are playing a sexy sorceress and a halfling thief.

Only time will tell if the main character will have the ability to deflower this blossom girl.