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Summertime Saga is a free adult orientated dating simulation game being made by Kompas Production and supported by donations on Patreon. This adventure point‐and‐click game offers an open world in which the player progresses by interacting with the many local characters. The project has been developed since 2016 and does not yet have of a definitive release date. Many new routes and features have been integrated to the game through regular updates for better quality and duration.


For more information about the changes, see Version history.

DarkCookie, the creator of Summertime Saga, worked for many years as a concept artist in the film and video game industries. He began the development as freelance during summer 2016, using the software engine as a tool to learn scripting; in August of the same year was launched the very first version. The creator cites the manga Noritaka as a source of inspiration, but doesn’t exclude having some memories of his own childhood inside the game.

The initial project was envisioned as a limited test both in the places visited and in the characters encountered: the beach was the main location and Roxxy the central figure, as illustrated by the game logo. At that time, it didn’t contain any sexual component. However, with the growing popularity of the game - and the insistence of DarkCookie’s live stream viewers - the concept changed to an adult game with animated sex scenes.

With the game new ambition was formed a team, as well as a studio, Kompas Productions. In order to resolve the chronic instability of the game, was decided the rewriting of the code from version 0.15 onward. The redesign of the characters, the rework of the animations and the new posing system were also initiated. Older stories were revisited. These efforts are still ongoing as of version 0.20.

The release frequency was spaced to facilitate Summertime Saga improvement, in agreement with the pledgers. Their proposals were also formalized with the introduction of the content polls in January 2017. The official website, the stream VODs, the bugtracker, the development progress bar and the roadmap were added later. Last but not least, wallpapers with characters in provocative poses have been distributed regularly as from October 2018. The year 2020 brought new translation tools for the community.

While the game originally featured incestuous relationships, it had to back down in response to Patreon’s new guidelines in March 2018.

A new project not yet revealed, and which is neither an expansion nor a sequel, is under study.


Summertime Saga is presently in Alpha state of development. Features and stories will be added and reviewed, and the current state of the game is not representative of the final product. Despite the developers’ hard work, the compatibility of the savegames between different versions cannot be 100% guaranteed. The game has no release date being set.


Current members

  • DarkCookie: art, story, design
  • Strayerror: lead code
  • CaptainSploosh: dialogue and posing
  • Catbug: dialogue and posing
  • AoiichiNiiSan: music and sound effects
  • sam9: servers and website
  • CreamyCookie: human resource and public relations

Previous members

  • Dogeek: lead code
  • NhKPaNdA: lead code
  • Hurfy: code and posing
  • FL22: servers and website
  • Arizona Identities: code
  • Kaosu: code, writing and posing
  • Amo: code

System requirements

For more information about the installation on Android devices, see Technical help § Android installation.

Summertime Saga is available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. iOS builds are not possible due to Apple’s publishing restrictions. The game uses the Ren’Py software engine, which is light on computer system requirements. 2GB of free space is recommended: 1GB is reserved for downloading, another 1GB for the installation and the saves.

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