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Char anna 11.png
Relatives None
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Day None
Night Gym (requires unlocking)


Anna is a young woman with brown hair and brown eyes.

Her typical attire consist of a turquoise crop top and purple yoga pants.


Eager and always willing to please. It is rumoured that she may be a sex addict.


Anna is one of Mrs. Johnson's yoga students. She is introduced to the MC by Mrs. Johnson at the gym and later on MC is asked to help run a beginner yoga class with Anna's assistance. She also owns a somewhat overweight pug called Awesomo who goes missing and she enlists MC's help to find him.


Introducing Anna

Whilst talking to Mrs. Johnson in the yoga room at the gym in the afternoon MC comments on the pose she was practicing. She demonstrates the pose again for him during which Anna interrupts and is introduced to MC by Mrs. Johnson.

Missing Doggo

After being introduced to Anna she appears in the park looking for her lost dog Awesomo. She asks for MC to help her find him and suggests that he may have gotten lost in the forest. MC goes to the forest and with the aid of some cookies lures Awesomo out and returns him to Anna. She promises to reward him in some way.

Yoga for Beginners

After proving yourself to be a loyal friend to Erik, Mrs. Johnson asks you to cover one of her yoga classes that she is unable to attend. She gives you a diagram of yoga poses to follow and tells you to find Anna at night in the gym to help with the class. During the class MC becomes visibly aroused due to the revealing nature of some of the poses and the close bodily contact with Anna. She seems not to mind this and afterwards expresses her enjoyment of the class and invites MC to come back to continue lessons whenever he wants.