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"Anna illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Brown
Evening Planet Thiccness

Anna is Mrs. Johnson’s yoga student and friend.


Anna is a young woman with brown eyes. Her long brown hair is gathered in the back of the head in a ponytail.

She practices her fitness workout in a turquoise sports bras and purple leggings, both tight‐fitting.


She is a studious yoga beginner. She appreciates the main character’s assistance and is flattered by his strong collaboration.


This character does not have a route.

Anna is introduced to the main character by Mrs. Johnson at the gym. Although she is a novice, she gives him a uplifting demonstration of her agility. She also owns a somewhat overweight pug called Awesomo.

Anna and the main character’s paths may well cross again in impromptu encounters.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Anna.
Quick overview
Missing Doggo
After being introduced by Mrs. Johnson at the yoga room, Anna is seen in the park looking for her lost dog.

Yoga Eye Candy

The main character is asked to cover Mrs. Johnson’s yoga class. Quickly he becomes aroused due to the revealing nature of the poses and the close bodily contact with Anna.

Jog Eye Candy

Anna and Mrs. Johnson are profiting of the darkness for a topless jog, while the main character is getting an eyefull.