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"Justin illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Chestnut
Eye color Blue

Justin is a friend of Erik.


Older than his two friends, Justin displays a mid‐length beard. His hair is chestnut and forms a ponytail; blue are his eyes.

He wears a light‐blue T‐shirt under an unbuttoned green jacket. A whimsical badge is printed on the top of its short sleeves. Leather fingerless gloves protect his hands. The pants are khaki‐colored cargo shorts. He always carries a black shoulder bag with him.


Little is known about him, except his true love for Pink Cyclone leads him to attempt the impossible. However, the pink fighter doesn’t have reciprocal feelings.


“Justin the Wise” – as he likes to be called in‐game – is the leader of the online guild of which Erik and Karl are members. But video gaming is just his second passion behind the Pink Cyclone wrestler.

His wisdom is legendary and is summarized in this quote: “There’s no such thing as enough women, Karl…”