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"Roz illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Grey and white
Eye color Blue
Morning Summerville General Hospital
Afternoon Summerville General Hospital
Evening Summerville General Hospital

Roz is the receptionist at Summerville General Hospital.


She is a sexagenarian woman, with puffy salt‐and‐pepper hair and blue eyes. Her drooping breasts cannot hide her age. She keeps a neat appearance with lipstick and polished nails.

She wears a brass‐colored sweater and a black skirt. Her half‐moon glasses never leave her, as well as for the pearl necklace and earrings. Lastly, a badge with her name written on it is attached to her sweater.


Roz is charming although a little abrupt in her relationship with others. She doesn’t hesitate to use pressure tactics to achieve her goals.


Everything that comes in and out of the hospital goes through her.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Roz.
Quick overview
Roz creates a privacy moment in the storage room to receive what she is really expecting from the main character.


The elevator is the best place to take a daring picture according to Roz, and without the main character contradicting her.

Casting Couch

Roz may be a little long in the tooth but she still has a few tricks for the main character in the storage room.