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Mr. Larry Johnson
"Larry illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Chestnut
Eye color Brown
Relatives Mrs. Johnson (ex‐wife)


Larry is a man with brown eyes, half‐long chestnut hair and a circle beard.

He is seen dressed in a blue sweatsuit. When "working", he hides his face with a hat and a bandana both black.


We mainly know Larry through what Mrs. Johnson tells us, often in unpleasant terms. Indeed, it's not courage that characterizes him since after leaving his wife, he returns to the neighborhood without a word to her.


Larry is Mrs. Johnson's former husband and they lived together in Erik's house where he had arranged the basement for his sole pleasure, with a poker table, whiskey and of course his precious instruments. Guitarist in a band, he chose to quit her several years ago to go on tour. But his career was short‐lived, and here he is back in Summerville with no money, just as a series of burglaries is occurring in town.