Orc Bork minigame

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Ork Bork minigame illustration
Aim at the green section

Ork Bork minigame puts the player in June’s favorite video game. It’s only accessible if the following two branching choices have been made:

  • Find a girlfriend for Erik.
  • Let the main character play with June.

After asking her to hang out, the gamer girl meets the main character in his bedroom for assistance to defeat the final boss.


Tap the screen or press Space when the indicator is on the green section of the hit meter. Three successive perfect strikes are required to beat the monster. Each of its health points is displayed by a red bar. Anticipating the move of the cursor is the way to complete this minigame.


Beating the final boss lets the player watch some Bork! Bork! action and progress in Tammy and June’s route. Otherwise, the player has to wait the next day and solicit June for a new game.