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Liu Wang
"Liu illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Relatives Kim (husband)
Morning Saga Financial (Mon‒Sat)
Afternoon Saga Financial (Mon‒Sat)

Liu Wang works at Saga Financial Bank and she is the wife of Kim.


She is a slim Asian woman with black hair and grey eyes. Her hair bun is kept steady with a red stick.

Her office suit reflects the seriousness of her post: a plain grey jacket and pants, with a ruffle‐front stand‐up collar white shirt. She has red‐varnished nails and discreet earrings.


Being a bank teller, she is calm and collected.


For the complete walkthrough, see Main story: Part 1.

Because she was the colleague of his father, she’s the first person to be consulted by the main character about the shifty money transfers. But she seems to be aware of something she’s not ready to disclose yet. The banker is more chatty about the desperate economic situation of Debbie’s household.

Is Liu really innocent, or is it all an act?


Quick overview
Unsatisfied by her husband, Liu must relieve her sexual craving by herself and without any caution for modesty.