Rump estate

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Rump estate
"Rump estate illustration"
Type House
People Consuela, Gamsay, Iwanka, Melonia, Ricky

Rump estate is a magnificent property owned by Summerville’s mayor, whose entrance is watched over by a bodyguard.


An imposing mansion features on several floors all the amenities that suit his rank. On the first floor is a lobby to the glory of Ronald Rump that shows no restraint on the gilding and gives access to the oval office and to an expansive kitchen; on the second floor, the master bedroom, adjacent to Iwanka’s, displays a unique rococo style, to say the least. The backyard terrace has a jacuzzi that the residents take full advantage of. A red pony car is parked in the driveway.

Rump family’s house disposes of the services of a chef, a maid, and a landscaper.