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"Katya illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Katya is a financial adviser and former sex slave at the Warehouse.


Katya is a short and dark Russian woman with brown hair tied up in a loose ponytail and brown eyes.

When we first meet her Katya is naked except for purple-colored panties and a face mask. Later she is still naked but has a purple shirt with blue jeans in her arms. She wears two silver or platinum large hoop earrings.


Katya is dependable, friendly, and calm. She helps Nadya with financial advice, engaging with clients, and she also provides her with personal services.


For the complete walkthrough, see Main story: Part 3.

We first meet Katya when she joins Svetlana and Khadne when she and her fellow sex slaves are liberated at the Warehouse. When next we see her she has become Nadya's financial adviser and "personal" assistant.