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The Treasure Hunt

  1. Go to the pier and ask Captain Terry what’s his secret. He agrees to trade a special lure for a golden compass.
  2. Roz is certainly the oldest resident. Go to the hospital and talk to the receptionist about ancestry. She will meet you on the second floor. Enter the hospital storage room (right door). Enjoy the next scene… or blame DarkCookie! Read the obituary records in your inventory. You are now looking for the boatsmith tombstone.
You get the achievement Oldies Goodies.
  1. Use the broken wall in Diane’s garden to enter the graveyard and examine the tombstone on the left side. Where could you find a bell? In the church, go up the stairs to the tower and look at the bell engravings.
  2. Raven Hill has a tree with a hollow. Go over there and search inside. Open the old scroll to find another clue.
  3. Wait for the evening and go to the forest. Approach the stone in its center: this is a puzzle minigame! Shuffle the tiles until they draw an half moon with three stripes in upper left. You obtain the treasure map.
  4. Next day, go to the library, check the shelves for a book called Derpy Answers.
  5. In the park, take a look at the fountain. Catch the old coin in the lower left corner. Now you have the treasure map, key and code.
  6. If you don’t have it already, take the shovel inside your garage. Go to the beach then on the small island, dig under the cross. The code to unlock the treasure is 1-5-1-3, or after deciphering, Octopus-Mermaid-Octopus-Anchor. The golden compass is yours!
  7. Return to the pier, talk to Terry about the compass. He gives you the golden lure.

Finding Aqua

  1. Stay on the pier and go fishing. Cast the golden lure on the hole in seafloor. Aqua appears and steals it; dive after her. Your opponent in the next fight is… an octopus, defeat it. Escape the underwater cave maze by going Up-Up-Left-Left-Up-Right-Up. You finally discover Aqua’s lair. Talk to the monster girl twice and offer your help for the mating.
  2. Return to the pier (use the map) and asks Captain Terry what he thinks about retiring: he wants his greatest enemy, Tigger. Go fishing and capture the ugly fish with the golden lure. After giving him the catch of the day, the captain is free! Back to the lair, Aqua is now ready to mate with you. Enjoy.
  3. On the left side of the lair is a strange creature. Aqua presents you SeaSucc. Bring back the mushroom from the forest. The seasucc rewards you with pleasure.
You get the achievement The Mermaid.
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