Fishing minigame

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Fishing minigame illustration
Three kinds of fish can be catched

The fishing minigame is an activity available by interacting with the chair at the end of the pier. A fishing rod required can be found in the attic at the main character’s home: take the small key in the entrance and the stool in the garage, then open the attic door upstairs.

Fishes and lures

Three different fishes can be caught regularly: sea trout is attracted by worm, snapper by the lure, and mackerel by the special lure. Later, a unique fish named “Tigger” appears, which is also attracted by the last lure. There is no fourth bait despite what the board on the pier is displaying.

Fish caught Lure to use
Item Location
Sea trout Sea trout bait.png Worm Worm icon.png Forest
Snapper Snapper bait.png Lure Lure icon.png Treehouse, inside the box of shame
Mackerel Mackerel bait.png Special lure Special lure icon.png Pier after returning the golden compass to Captain Terry in Aqua’s route
“Tigger” Tigger bait.png


First, choose the right bait depending on the type of fish you want to catch. Then use and to line‐up the bait. Anticipate the position of the fish, the lower it is, the more it shifts to the right or left before the hook reaches it. Press ↵ Enter or tap the screen to drop the line. When the bait hits the fish, validate to bring it up.

How to catch Aqua
Fishing Aqua illustration
Aqua is a monster girl who lives in a lair in the ocean. Its weak point is its attraction for shiny items. Drop the special golden lure above the hole in the seabed.
How to catch Tigger
Fishing Tigger illustration
Tigger is Terry’s archenemy: the fish took his toe years ago. In order to encourage the captain to retire, the main character has to catch him with the special lure. When Tigger’s head covers the red crab, drop the lure above the sea pearl.


Captain Terry buys each of your fish for $80. Catching Aqua and Tigger in the fishing minigame lets the player progress in Aqua’s route.