Puzzle minigame

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Puzzle minigame illustration
Arrange the tiles to form the desired image

The puzzle minigame is an interactive trial that is part of the treasure hunt on Aqua’s route. It can only be performed at night on the promontory which lies in the middle of the forest, once the old scroll has been retrieved. The pattern depicted on this item must be reproduced by moving the tiles on the altar.


Drag and drop the pieces either by the mouse or by touching the screen. The minigame is centered around seven hexagonal tiles that are used to represent a pattern. Two stocks are placed on either side to let the player swap the stones. To be noted that each stock contains several tiles, so searching for those lying below the exposed ones is indispensable. The pattern to mimic is a crescent moon tilted on the right side and with three beams on the upper left tile.


Reproducing the correct pattern lets the player obtain the treasure map and progress in Aqua’s route.