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Gender Female
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Brown
Morning Basketball Court
Afternoon Basketball Court


Missy is a fit teen with shoulder‐length wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

Her outfit is made up of a pink off‐the‐shoulder short‐sleeve crop top and dark navy low‐waist pleated miniskirt. The straps of her bra are apparent. She is used to making herself up with lipstick and nail polish, both pink. She wears golden hoop earrings, and she never separates from her white sling bag.


Missy is extremely dim‐witted. She is clumsily attempting to hide an obvious crush on the main character as she is often seen greeting him him warmly before reverting to usual negative reaction given by her friends Becca and Roxxy towards him.


Missy is one of Roxxy's best friends, along with Becca; the trio can be found hanging out in the school hallways, the basketball court. Together, they are members of the high school's cheerleading squad. Missy often refers to her older sister.



Show Me the Boobs

Spin the Bottle

  • As you progress in Roxxy's route, the main character is invited to the beach to play Spin the bottle with the girls. The reward includes a sex scene with Missy in the changing room (supervised by Roxxy), or a foursome including Becca, Missy and Roxxy.