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"Crystal illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Blue
Relatives Roxxy (daughter)
Clyde (nephew)
Morning Trailer park
Afternoon Trailer park
Evening Trailer park

Crystal is the mother of Roxxy and the aunt of Clyde.


Crystal is a middle‐aged woman with blond mane and blue eyes.

She wears a leopard‐print crop top and dark‐grey leggings which ride low on the hips, revealing the waistband of her pink undergarment. The bra, which slips off her top, is color‐matched, as are the large hoop earrings and the nail polish.


Crystal is a rather self‐centered person, seemingly caring little about her daughter’s life as long as it does not interfere with her own. She also has a drinking problem; when drunk, her behavior becomes violent which leads to her spending time in cell.


For the complete walkthrough, see Roxxy’s route.

Not concerned about her daughter’s education, Crystal manages her business with her nephew Clyde, for whom she has a family commitment. Her love life is so busy that she doesn’t know who Roxxy’s father is. And her success is summed up as a trailer in a sorry state.

Crystal’s reputation for chasing after men is well‐established. The main character could actually be her next prey!


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Crystal.
Quick overview
Mother like Daughter
After hearing him and her daughter making love in the trailer, Crystal checks for herself how good the main character is.