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"Clyde illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Blue
Relatives Roxxy (cousin)
Crystal (aunt)
Morning Trailer park
Afternoon Trailer park
Evening Trailer park

Clyde is the cousin of Roxxy and the nephew of Crystal.


Clyde is a lanky redneck of a man with blond hair and blue eyes. He has a mullet haircut and a poorly shaved beard. A heart‐shaped tattoo, dedicated to his “momma”, is printed on his right arm. With its two prominent teeth, his face resembles that of rodent and does not contribute to a better impression.

His outfit is composed of a loose T‐shirt, probably white at first, but now grey and stained; old jeans; and a red‐black checkered jacket whose sleeves he himself cut off. He chews a wheat straw all day long. Master of disguise, Clyde wears a netback cap that says “❤ BOOTY” when he must go unnoticed.


Clyde is dumb as a stump. He has a strong attachment to his family, especially with “Auntie” Crystal, but Roxxy can’t stand her invading, cretinous cousin. This simple‐minded man nevertheless demonstrates a true tenderness for his companion pig, Dogeek. The main character has a hard time to converse with him because of Clyde’s hillbilly language and lack of wit.


He lives in a shack near Roxxy and Crystal’s trailer. Clyde is a country bumpkin who rarely ventures in town. He prefers to shoot on empty cans and take care of Big Bertha, an old tractor which is rusting beside his home. His activity greatly increases when, by the evening, he visits Crystal in her trailer.