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There is no way to proceed in Summertime Saga without cash. Whether to buy goods or services from vendors or other characters, expenses are present in all routes. Fortunately, many alternatives exist for the main character to make pocket money through jobs.

The wallet is displayed in the upper part of the screen, next to the bank notes icon. Dollar ($) is the currency.

Cheat mode

See Getting started § Cheat mode for more information about this mode.

Enabling this option at the beginning of a new game allows the player to bypass the need to find a job. Indeed, the starting money is increased to $999,999 – enough to buy all items and complete all routes. However, this option which also affects the main character’s stats and the minigames, is not meant to remain in the final version of the game.


The bank ATM is now fully interactive

In order to help players, each article about a route begins with the financial requirement. The costs range from a few dollars for a plush toy to several thousand for a vehicle or a house. Among the most expensive stories, is Jenny’s, money being the best tool to bribe the housemate. Future charges are also planned but not yet implemented in Summertime Saga, including the tuition fees for the upcoming college semester.

Money can be deposited and withdraw from the main character’s account using ATM at the bank. Interest equal to 3% of the savings will then be credited every Monday, and a letter with the account summary will be received in the main character’s mailbox.

Four achievements are linked to the expenses and savings made during the game: Home Sweet Home and The GT500 request to purchase respectively the beachhouse and the sports car; Ready for college and Sound investment require respectively to have $25,000 on the saving account and to earn over $50,000 in interest.


Many jobs are available in the game but they have to be unlocked beforehand. This can be done either by buying a specific item or by reaching a route step. The pay often depends on how successful is the player in the minigame. To be noted that most of them advance the time of day, reducing daily profits. Money is also a quest recompense, but these gains are unique and minor; therefore they are not referenced here.

Job Max income Shift time Condition(s)
Shooting minigame $400[1] Halfway in Roxxy’s route, when the trailer park location is unlocked and Clyde is met.
Gardening minigame $120 Unlocked in the second step of Diane’s route
Pizza delivery minigame $1200[2] After unlocking Tony’s Pizza location either with the flyer found in the mailboxes, or at the start of Diane’s route. The delivery bike has to be bought at Consum-R.
Milking minigame $200[3] Diane’s route or Daisy’s route must have progressed enough.
Jenny’s camshow $200[4] Unlocked in the last steps of Jenny’s route
Fishing minigame $80 Become available at the pier once the rod has been taken in home attic.

1. This amount can be doubled if Clyde makes the double or nothing offer.
2. The maximum amount can only be earned if the player chooses the sports car as delivery vehicle and does a perfect run.
3. The maximum amount can only be earned if the character who is milked is pregnant.
4. The maximum amount can only be earned if the player chooses the last sex option.