Mayor Rump

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Mayor Rump
Char Rump.png
Relatives Iwanka (daughter)
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue Green
Day Mall
Night None


Mayor Rump is a tall, older gentleman with pointed sandy hair. The particular shape of his hair is possibly due to an overly kempt hair piece, but this is simply speculation. His skin is tanned particularly orange with occasional peaks of his regular skin tone appearing around his eyes. He wears a white collared shirt in a navy blue suit as well as an extensively long red tie. He has an American Summerville pin on his lapel, with the only other notable feature being his silver squared cufflinks.


Not too much is currently known about Mayor Rump's personal attitude, feelings or opinions. He seemingly has a desire to improve the previously "sad" state of the Summerville mall and to "Make Summerville Great Again."


Mayor Rump is the current mayor of the town of Summerville. It is mentioned by the MC that he is the fairly new mayor with regards to the timeline of the game's narrative, perhaps from just the previous election cycle. The MC will spot Mayor Rump the first time when he comes into the mall on certain days presenting a small press rally.


Nasty, Nasty Woman

Occasionally, the player will be able go to the Summerville mall and step into the bathroom, only to see a bodyguard outside the handicapped stall on his cellphone. Upon clicking the stall door, a scene will trigger where the MC will be able to see Mayor Rump in a lewd sexual act with an older woman. Their facial expressions seem to express a great sexual rush due to their rhythmic bumping of uglies. Mayor Rump will shout a derogative sling at the older woman, after which the MC will be spotted by the bodyguard and called out for hanging around. The MC is then returned to outside the stall.