Main Character

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Main Character
Char player 01.png
Aliases MC
Relatives Father (father)
Gender Male
Eye Color Grey


The MC is a slim teen of average height with short brown hair and grey eyes. He always keeps an awkward 'optimistic' smile on his face despite losing his father and being in severe debt. Despite his appearance, the MC is 'heavily endowed'.

His typical school uniform consist of a plain white t-shirt and orange shorts.


Without any contradictions to his appearance, the main character is quiet and reserved. Without the presence of his father, his strength is his stalwart nature to be willing to get through in life.

The MC is altruistic and kind in nature willing to help anyone despite having other priorities he has to do. However, he expects a favor in return. The MC is resolute when coming to stand up for what is wrong especially with Judith. With the encounter of Lopez and Martinez making fun of Judith, the MC doesn't abide and stand there as if nothing is happening.

The MC is also hugely ignorant about sex in general. He knows what it is but whenever any sexual encounter happens to fall into his lap he usually has the women take the lead.


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The MC's story starts with him attending his father's burial. Unknown to the MC, they are in severe debt and his father hadn't paid his mortgage in months. The MC now has to juggle with school life, finding a part-time job, severe debt, college plans, and getting a date.