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Richard Livingstone
"Richard illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Lucy (wife)
Annie (daughter)
Morning Annie’s house
Afternoon Annie’s house
Evening Annie’s house

Richard is the local carpenter. He is the husband of Lucy and the father of Annie.


Richard is a fit mature man with brown hair. He has a well‐groomed beard and full mustache.

His attire consists of a pale‐green button‐up long‐sleeved shirt, khaki work pants, and sturdy brown leather boots. On‐site, it’s inevitably accompanied by a toolbelt – with hammer and screwdriver among others, hanging safety glasses and a pencil over the ear.


Richard is irritated by his wife’s casual disposition and absent‐mindedness and has little patience for children, including his own daughter. He is focused on his business and constantly looking for new opportunities. He is extremely ordered and dislikes anything which may disrupt his work schedule.


Richard is facing economic constraints despite the hard labor and the quality of the workmanship. His wife frequently suffers from his frustration, particularly when she’s accused of spending too much money in her daycare. But Annie inherited his penchant for order and discipline, which contribute to their mutual understanding.

He will be more than competent to make Diane’s dream come true… with a little boost from the main character.