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Chef Gamsay
"Gamsay illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Blue
Morning Rump estate
Afternoon Rump estate

Chef Gamsay is the cook working in Rump estate.


With his piercing blue eyes and blond hair, Gamsay would have everything to appeal to, except for his somewhat unstable temperament.

His impeccable chef’s white includes a short‐sleeved double‐breasted jacket with apron knotted around the waist, and dark grey pantaloons. The watch on his handle ensures that he keeps a watchful eye on the cooking times.


More than a job, cooking is Chef Gamsay’s purpose in life; which leads him to get menacing when a dish is spoiled. A true kitchen nightmare!


The Rump family is seemingly unconcerned about the expenditure by hiring such a prestigious cook.