Muay Thai minigame

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Muay Thai minigame illustration
Hit the right combination on your keyboard

The Muay Thai minigame is a training minigame that is played at the gym during the afternoon by clicking either on the punching ball or Master Somrak. The old master requests panties as offering for his guidance; each panty given to him, in any order, unlocks respectively 4 training sessions for the first, 3 for the second, 2 for the third, and 1 for the last. Follow the main character’s advice and head to the school cafeteria to ask Kevin about used panties.

Panties list

The underwears are scattered in various locations, let the hunt begins!

Panties Location Requirement
Debbie’s Debbie’s panties icon.png Home In the morning, go to the basement and check the laundry basket.
Coach Bridget’s Coach Bridget’s panties icon.png School First, take the locker masterkey in Principal Smith’s office. Wait for the next morning and sneak inside Coach’ office while she is in the courtyard. The panties are inside the locker.
Eve’s Eve’s panties icon.png Sugar Tats Progress until step 4 of Eve’s route: enter the bedroom in Grace’s apartment. Between the pictures are pegged the panties.
Grace’s Grace’s panties icon.png Sugar Tats Progress until step 4 of Eve’s route: the panties are lying on the floor of Grace’s apartment bathroom.
Jenny’s Jenny’s panties icon.png Home Progress until step 6 of Jenny’s route: enter the bedroom when she is showering, and take the underwear inside the bedside table. If Jenny catches you, then you have to do it again another morning.
Mia’s Mia’s panties icon.png Mia’s house Progress until step 2 of Mia and Helen’s route: sneak inside your classmate’s house to her bedroom, and click on the basket in the open closet.
Odette’s Odette’s panties icon.png Sugar Tats Progress until step 4 of Eve’s route: get in the garage during the afternoon or evening, the panties are up for grabs on the shelf.
Roxxy’s Roxxy’s panties icon.png Trailer park Progress until step 7 of Roxxy’s route: help the blond girl to retrieve her cheerleader uniform. Then come back inside the trailer to steal the black thong which is hanging off the curtain rod.


Tap or press the right combination of keys in the allotted time. The white bar under the given sequence indicates how much time is left. More keys are gradually added, from four up to ten, as your dexterity stat increases.


Successful completion provides +1 to dexterity.