Pink Cyclone

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Pink Cyclone
"Pink Cyclone illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Eye color Brown

Pink Cyclone is the ring name of a professional wrestler.


Bright brown eyes and a small pink braid are the only apparent elements behind Pink Cyclone’s mask. Her muscular and lithe body attests to many workouts.

The wrestler’s garb is pink – as her name suggests – with silver edging and it includes a Lucha libre mask with traditional decorations; a bodysuit that covers her chest (partially) and legs; lace‐up gauntlets; her silver underpants, embellished by a purple star, is worn on the outside; the cape tied around his neck and the thigh‐high boots are both purple.


She is known to be relentless. Strangely enough, she is concerned by the school education of her youngest fans.


This character does not have a route yet.

Mysterious, yet familiar, the fighter has never revealed her true identity well‐hidden behind a mask. She is known for her appearances with the Women’s Professional Wrestling Federation where she’s still undefeated after 34 matches – one defeat not having been officialized.

Having lost the title due to an injury three years ago, she plans to get it back with the support of her fans, and probably the main character.