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Char angelica 01.png
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Day Church
Night Church


Sister Angelica is a very well endowed woman with blonde hair and blue eyes

She's wearing nun's attire and a coif under which she hides her presumably long and curly blonde hair.


She is a strict and seemingly god fearing person.

Acts septic towards the MC and exceedingly domineering towards Helen (and presumably the other parishioners of the church).


Her story is interwoven with Helen & Mia's, and starts when the MC steals a priest's attire to listen to Helen's confession. She then uses the MC's guilt to force him do things for her, talking Helen into submitting to "rituals" or "sacraments", etc


"house visit"

"Angelica pays your house a visit"

"ritual deal"

"Angelica makes you agree to her ritual deal"

"requires whip"

"Angelica requires a whip for her next sacrament"

"sinful thoughts"

"Angelica says she will punish you if you have sinful thoughts

"strap-on request"

"Angelica's final sacrament requires a special tool"

"final ritual"

"Angelica's final sacrament shall now begin"


Further interactions depend on choices made along Helen & Mia's story. Additional events may be planned for the future.