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Sister Angelica
Gender Female
Hair color Medium blond
Eye color Blue
Morning Church
Afternoon Church
Evening Church


Sister Angelica is a very well endowed woman with blonde hair and blue eyes

She wears the religious habits of a nun: the garment's headpiece includes the white cap and a white guimpe to hide the cheeks and neck. It is covered by a black veil. The tunic is a loose grey dress. The underskirt is black. Disinterested in material things, she only carries a Bible with her, and a wooden rosary hangs from her neck.


She is a strict and seemingly God fearing person. Sister Angelica acts septic towards the main character and exceedingly domineering towards Helen; she doesn't hesitate to use her ecclesiastic position to manipulate the believer.


Her story is interwoven with Helen & Mia's, and starts when the main character steals a priest's attire to listen to Helen's confession. Sister Angelica then uses the main character's guilt to force him to persuade Helen into submitting to ancient sacraments.



An Introduction to BDSM

  • Who would have thought a religious sister would know so much about domination? Certainly not Helen who is about to be whipped!

Sin City

  • Sister Angelica wants the main character to use the hard way to purify the sinful woman from within. She volunteers herself if he doesn't make the sacrifice.