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Angelica Augustine
"Angelica illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium blond
Eye color Blue
Morning Church
Afternoon Church
Evening Church

Sister Angelica is the nun working at the church.


Sister Angelica is a buxom woman with pale skin. Her blond long braid goes down to the arch of the back. The blue eyes don’t soften a hard gaze. She praises her huge breast as a gift from the Lord.

Angelica wears the religious habits of a nun: the garment’s headpiece includes the white cap and a white guimpe to hide the cheeks and neck. It is covered by a black veil. The tunic is a loose grey dress. The underskirt is black. Disinterested in material things, she only carries a bible with her, and a wooden rosary hangs from her neck.


She is a strict and seemingly God‐fearing person. Sister Angelica acts septic towards the main character and exceedingly domineering towards Helen; without any scruples to leverage off her ecclesiastic position, she easily manipulates the victim’s faith.


For the complete walkthrough, see Mia and Helen’s route.

Her story is interwoven with Helen and Mia’s. Sister Angelica exploits the main character’s guilt to force him to persuade the believer into submitting to ancient sacraments. She will give a new meaning to the adage “Clothes don’t make the man.”


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Angelica.
Quick overview
An Introduction to BDSM
Who would have thought a religious sister would know so much about domination? Certainly not Helen who is about to be whipped!

Sin City

Sister Angelica wants the main character to use the hard way to purify the sinful woman from within. She volunteers herself if he doesn’t make the sacrifice.