Trailer park

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Trailer park
"Trailer park illustration"
Type Home
People Clyde, Crystal, Roxxy

The trailer park is set under the forest, on the far left of the map.


Every town has its own trailer park and Summerville is no exception. The location presents three subplaces: Roxxy and Crystal’s mobile home, the tractor area, and the shack.

It’s been a while since the trailer has hit the road; today it seems to be permanently installed in the meadow. With so little space, including a bed shared by mother and daughter, privacy is out of the question.

A stone’s throw away, an old, rusted out tractor spends its old age. Clyde is so fond of it that he gave it Bertha’s little name. A rifle shooting range is set up there.

We’ve never seen a shack so screwed up as Clyde’s; one wonders how it still stands up! A rudimentary shelter has been attached for his domestic pig Dogeek. The interior has everything a redneck can dream of: shotgun, banjo, tired chair, and dead squirrels hanging from the ceiling. A chemistry station is on the table and ready to use.