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This page lists all the tools for the game and extensions for browsers related to Summertime Saga.

Debug menu

The debug menu is a special list of operations unlocked by setting the game in developer mode. It provides a lot of useful features to cheat on Summertime Saga, or get out of bugs and softlocks. Using the menu can block the game so proceed at your own risk!

How to access the menu


  1. Download this file and place it in the Summertime Saga game folder\game folder if you’re on Windows or Linux, or the folder if you’re on macOS.
  2. Or write the following code in a text file, and place it in the same folder, after changing the file extension to .rpy:
init 100 python:
    config.console = True
    config.developer = True
    persistent.enable_save_locking = False
  1. Restart the game, and press the keys ⇧ Shift+O to open the console.
  1. Open the phone menu and click on the wifi network signal icon to display the developer menu.


  1. Click on the network signal icon in the phone menu to display the blue developer menu.
  2. Dismiss the text field by hitting the Android Back button a couple of times.
  3. Click on the black icon on the top right, next to the exit button.
  4. The console is now open and you can type in your commands.
  5. Once completed, type exit to close the console screen.


The debug menu contains 6 main tabs – General, Time, Machines, Locations, Player and Items – and 3 buttons: the first one displays the console history, the second opens the console screen and the last one closes the debug menu.


This tab is dedicated to general options.

  • Unlock/Lock the user interface.
  • Unlock all cookie jar scenes.
  • Set the Mayor Rump’s scene at Hillside Mall.
  • Skip the first day of the game.
  • Unlock all locations.
  • Force/Unforce the map lock, forcing it unlocked will make the map available from any screen in the game.
  • Lock/Unlock the sleep lock, allowing you to sleep through anything.
  • Enable/Disable the cheat mode.
  • Display/Hide any python expression.
  • Enable/Disable notifications for label names on the top left corner whenever you enter a new label.
  • Enable/Disable the first‐day skip, starting you on the second day.


This tab is dedicated to all the time manipulation functionalities.

  • Tick timer: advance time by one tick.
  • Set day to: set the current day to whatever you want, advancing the time until that day.
  • Set time to: set the time to whatever you choose, moving forward or backward in time if necessary.
  • Skip forward: allow to skip ahead a day, week, month, or year.
  • Toggle debug period: allow to force Christmas or Halloween decorations even if it is not the right time of year yet.


This tab is dedicated to Finite State Machines and gives info about where the machine is located and in which state it is. For each one you can:

  • Advance: advance the FSM by one state. This action can result in bugs though.
  • Show vars: open a separate window that shows all the variables for that FSM.
  • Pregnancy: open a separate window with all the variables for that machine’s pregnancy manager.


This tab is dedicated to locations. For each location you can:

  • Lock/Unlock the location.
  • Visit/Unvisit the location.
  • Set the can_leave flag for the location.
  • Move the main character to the location.


This tab is dedicated to the main character. Its purpose is to be able to change his stats and money.


This tab is dedicated to the items in‐game management. From there you can add or remove any item in the inventory. It has a convenient search box to filter out the 150 game items. You can also use this to print the full item list to the console.

Browser extensions

Summertime Saga also has browser extensions!

Notifications and progress bars

Get notifications when DarkCookie’s stream goes online, and follow the development of the next update one‐click away:


  • Dynamic progress bars
  • Development roadmap
  • DarkCookie’s stream link and notifications
  • Links to Patreon, Discord and the official wiki
  • Link to the download page


Add additional features and tweak to


  • Nickname completion with Tab ↹ hotkey
  • Emote completion with Tab ↹ hotkey
  • Last whisper hotkey with ⇧ Shift+ hotkeys
  • Previous message history with and hotkeys
  • Notify on moderator actions (ban/SB, kick, unban, clearuser)
  • Optionally limit history
  • Username highlighting
  • Show deleted messages
  • Disable chat clears, and see which moderator issued it
  • User helper modal to aid moderator tasks
  • “Mimi” emote name rollover
  • Some small CSS tweaks


There is a way to increase the main character’s strength without killing your fingers:

  1. Download AutoHotkey here.
  2. Download this script.
  3. Double‐click on the script to open and activate it.
  4. Now, all you have to do is hold down ⇪ Caps Lock key during the weightlifting minigame.