Thotbot (character)

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"Thotbot (character) illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Eye color Fuchsia

Thotbot, designated Rosie or Rosita depending on its language settings, is a robot that can be bought at Pink shop.


A technological marvel, Thotbot has a rudimentary female form if it isn’t burdened with prominent adjuncts. “She” is 73% metal, the rest being mostly pink silicone placed judiciously on her mouth, chest and pelvis. Her arms end in suction hoses and her feet are being replaced by rollerblades. Both the funnel ears and the antenna protruding from a blonde wig give the robot a very distinctive look.

Thotbot’s human resemblance allows her to wear clothes, even though her owners often prefer not to do so for obvious reasons and are satisfied with only a mini apron, a choker and a headpiece.


In addition to her cleaning functions, Thotbot is equipped with the following special programmes: a moral support protocol with motivational catchphrases on home housekeeping; and a stress relief protocol whose purpose is unspecified.


Her devotion, whether in housework or in assisting her master, makes the robot an ideal gift for Mayor Rump. Let’s hope artificial intelligence can survive him!