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"Tyrone illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Evening Park

Tyrone is a student at the main character’s school.


Tyrone is an African American teen, with brown eyes, black dreadlocks, and a thin mustache. He sports gold teeth caps and a teardrop tattoo.

His distinctive hip‐hop style is a sky‐blue shirt featuring a cannabis leaf, with short sleeves in Rasta colors; dark‐blue baggy shorts; and a wristband with Jamaica flag. The final touch is a bling‐bling jewelry in the shape of a mic worn around the neck. A joint is not‐so‐well hidden over his ear.


It’s safe to say that rap and ganja are his whole life. He asserts his gang leader position by acting like a loudmouth so much that his uncomfortable manners make others run away. But he has principles and comes to Ms. Dewitt’s aid when she has trouble.


Tyrone, Chico and Chad take possession of the park by the evening, to the great regret of the other regulars of the place. Mastering rhymes and rhythm to perfection, he’s the last adversary in the rap battles.