Push‐ups minigame

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Push‐ups minigame illustration
Use your strength to beat Dexter

During Roxxy’s route, Coach Bridget dares the main character to outperform Dexter in a push‐ups minigame. The challenge is not replayable later.


Tap the screen or press Space as fast as possible in order to fill more bars than your competitor. Yours are on the left side of the screen and Dexter’s on the right side. Each bar counts as one complete movement. Strength determines how quickly the bar fills and 3 points in this stat are enough to outpace the brute who does not get over a total of 16 push‐ups.


Beating Dexter in push‐ups lets the player progress in Roxxy’s route until the next and final fight. A rematch can be initiated after a miss, by clicking on Dexter in the school courtyard in the morning.