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"Beth illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Green
Relatives Judith (daughter)
Morning Glazie’s
Afternoon Glazie’s

Beth is the cashier at the Glazie’s donut shop, and the mother of Judith.


Beth is a friendly, curvy middle‐aged woman with red hair and green eyes. Her hair runs down to the shoulders as a tightened braid.

Her uniform is made of a lilac shirt whose sleeves are rolled up, burgundy‐colored pants, and a short white apron with her name pinned on. A custom label bearing the tag of the store is fixed on her azure headband. She wears small earrings of the same color and orange‐red lipstick. Traces of flour powdered on her rounded hips.


She always looks at the bright side of life, claiming that there is no issue that fried dough cannot fix.


This character does not have a route yet.

The main character meets her while purchasing donuts for Harold.