Donut minigame

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Donut minigame illustration
Harold’s favorite donut is random

The donut minigame takes place during Mia and Helen’s route, when the main character decides to buy a gift for Mia’s father. In order to know his favorite and random flavor, the player must first talk to Harold’s colleagues, Earl and Yumi, inside the police station. Then he has to enter the nearby donut shop, where Beth greets him.


Choose one type of glazing and one topping. The minigame includes 4 glazes and 4 toppings. Select 1 element on each row, based on the clues provided, to make the perfect donut for Harold:

Icon Name
Donut minigame Strawberry glazed.png
Strawberry glazed
Donut minigame Chocolate glazed.png
Chocolat glazed
Donut minigame Blueberry glazed.png
Blueberry glazed
Donut minigame Vanilla glazed.png
Vanilla glazed
Icon Name
Donut minigame Chocolate chips.png
Chocolate chips
Donut minigame Sprinkles.png
Donut minigame Vanilla drizzle.png
Vanilla drizzle
Donut minigame Maple drizzle.png
Maple drizzle

The clerk will give you a full box for the modest sum of $5. The validation of the quest is done when the donuts are delivered to the officer at the police station.


Buying the correct donut lets the player progress in Mia and Helen’s route.