Dexter fight minigame

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Dexter fight minigame illustration
Dexter doesn’t let you touch his girlfriend without a fight

The final face‐to‐face between the main character and Dexter is held at the end of Roxxy’s route, while playing the Dexter fight minigame. It is similar to Master Somrak’s training but relies on the two statistics, strength and dexterity.


Tap or press the right combination of 6 keys in the allotted time. The white bar under the given sequence indicates how much time is left. Dexterity gives you more time to press the keys. Be sure to have at least 2 points in this stat.

Dexter has 6 health points divided into three bars, when the main character has only 1 health point in a single bar. Each set is respectively displayed above the characters’ heads. Having at least 5 in strength doubles the damage the main character does, making it possible to knock his opponent on in three hits.


Defeating Dexter in fight lets the player progress in Roxxy’s route. Otherwise, the game over screen allows him to start the fight from the beginning again.